Teachers Plan Anti-Romney Rally in Pasco

United School Employees of Pasco want Gov. Mitt Romney to know public schools need more funding.

Planning to drive into Pasco Saturday to see the Republican Presidential hopeful speak?

You're going to find that not everyone is rolling out the red carpet for Gov. Mitt Romney's visit to Land O' Lakes Saturday.

When the Romney arrives in town, he'll be greeted by protesters donning Barack Obama for President T-shirts and carrying signs.

A "counter rally" is being organized by the United School Employees of Pasco. The union wants to raise awareness about the plight of public schools, said Kenny Blankenship, the group's vice president.

"The biggest thing is we want to get our message out there that our legislative officials need to make our schools a priority," Blankenship said Friday morning. "Our funding is less per student than it was in 2007. They just need to fund public schools appropriately."

To find out more about Romney's visit and for ticket information, see Romney Coming to Land O’ Lakes Saturday.

Blankenship said the union supports Obama for re-election, but is hoping the counter rally will make Romney aware of the issues facing public schools.

"We want our schools to be a priority," he said.

The Pasco union has invited its counterparts from Hillsborough, Pinellas and Hernando counties to attend and show their support for the cause. Blankenship is unsure if they'll come at this point. He also doesn't know where protesters will be allowed to assemble; he's expecting it will be along Land O' Lakes Boulevard or Gator Lane.

Union supporters are meeting at the organization's Land O' Lakes office, 21322 Lake Patience Road, at 4 p.m. Oct. 27 to prepare for the rally. Officials are asking supporters to make signs. Obama T-shirts will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Romney takes the stage at Land O' Lakes High School, 20325 Gator Lane, at 7 p.m. Oct. 27. The security gates open for ticketholders at 5 p.m.

Students Also Have a Voice
While school workers plan their protest, students are also organizing against Romney. Land O' Lakes High senior Zach Conn has created the closed Facebook group "Students Against Romney."

As of 9 a.m. Oct. 26, that group had 225 members.

Patch blogger Anjonette Hall recently wrote about the high school-based group.

It is unclear if students will join the protest.

Taking Part in the Counter Rally

For more information on the counter rally, visit the union's website, Facebook page or call Blankenship at 813-996-2119.

What do you think about the counter rally? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Dennis M October 26, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Union thugs! Just like the Chicago teachers....fire them. There's plenty of qualified teachers who don't have a job and would be glad for the opportunity to teach without the union.
Colter95 October 27, 2012 at 06:26 PM
Consider these facts before you vote: 1. Is the economy better off now than it was four years ago? Based on the evidence, I'd have to say no. Wages are down, the the prices of everything we buy is up. The price of gas has doubled. Good jobs are scarce. 2. Are the slight "up tics" in the economy a solid trend in the right direction? I don't think so. First, the gains are very slight. Second, I believe they are the result in the temporary stimulus by the Federal Reserve, in which they printed a lot of new money. It provides a slight bump now, but the cost will come later - after the election. Ben Bernanke is trying to save Obama's job, along with his own. 3. The continual misrepresentation of Romney on the auto bailout by the Obama administration. Obama appears to be taking complete credit for the bailout, while simultaneously saying that Romney was for liquidation of the auto industry. This is an absolute falsehood. It was Bush who initiated the bailout and TARP. Obama continued it and then expanded it, to his credit. However, Romney was one of the first to say that the industry needed to go through bankruptcy reorganization, and eventually they did exactly that. He also said that any needed loans should come from the private sector. He never said that the industry should be liquidated, or that he would deny federal funds if he were president, and private sector funds were not available. Obama lies! 4. The Benghazi coverup and lies.
John Wonderfull October 28, 2012 at 01:17 AM
You are privilege to your opinion, however it was your candidate Romney who rightfully alluded to the point that one can't be entitled to ones own facts. Facts are actual substantiated data of actual events. 1. Fours years ago to-day the country was loosing 850,00 jobs, that is a fact, I did not say in my opinion. To-day four years latter the We The United States of America created on an average 180000 jobs per month for 39 consecutive months. So are we as a Country better off well any seventh grade student student can do the arithmetic. 2. Ms. Colter95, allow me to hypothesize, Can there be upward mobility in an economy that losses 800,000 jobs in the previous six (6) months and an economy that creates an average of 180,000 jobs for 39 consecutive months preceding the six months job losses? 3. Remember Romney and you also are privilege to your own opinions, the facts can't be magically erased in an effort to support the Republican agenda. 4. This is an election, one party wins on November 7 likewise you will remain what you are in the minds of Republicans and Democrats a representation of what you conveyed through your words, please let your words be a paradigm to develop on to disseminate the truth future generation Remember only the truth will set Romney free; lies never wins, when Romney says he does not care about the 47% he calls lazy and dependent on the government, in your mind was he talking the truth tell me the truth what y Colter95 think, Are you LAZY


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