Raises for Carrollwood Teachers on Scott’s Agenda

Gov. Rick Scott has a proposal to make sure the state’s teachers get raises.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has a proposal that's likely to be music to Carrollwood teachers' ears.

He’s expected to announce his intention soon to have state lawmakers set money aside to fund raises for Florida’s teachers in the 2013 budget.

While the Hillsborough County School Board did approve raises for its 15,000 teachers and 9,000 other employees last year, many nearby districts have asked their teachers to go years without seeing an increase due to budget cuts.

Pasco teachers, for example, have endured six years of budget cycles without seeing a raise, according to The Tampa Tribune. Those teachers have also had unpaid furlough days added to their plates.

How much of a raise Scott’s proposal will include remains to be seen. Details of his proposal are not yet available.

What do you think about Scott’s proposal? Is it time for the state to help fund raises for its estimated 168,000 teachers? Or, do you think  teachers earn enough? Do you know a special teacher who really deserves a pay bump? Share your thoughts and the reasons behind them in the comments section.


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