Election Day Brings Strangers Together

Mitt Romney supporters meet on the streets of North Tampa with a common goal.

They'd never met before this morning. But by about noon on election day, they'd become fast friends.

Sandy Moore of Lutz and Emmilio Quispe of Carrollwood are hard to miss as you drive down Bearss Avenue. The Mitt Romney supporters are dressed in red, white and blue, waving enthusiastically to drivers as they pass by the polls at Jimmie B. Keel Library.

There's been a lot of honking, Quispe said.

"We're having a blast," Moore said.

Moore said she plans to be out all day, till at least 7 p.m. or later, waving to passers-by in support of Romney. Quispe will be too, he said.

"I believe in everything about what Mitt can do for this country," Moore said. "We need a huge change."

It wasn't long before another Romney supporter noticed them, and brought back McDonald's milkshakes for sustenance.

Peter Ostrenko of Lutz had already put out 100 Romney signs near Idlewild Baptist Church and other locations in North Tampa, he said. He'd also brought doughnuts out to other campaign volunteers.

Before Quispe and Moore showed up, "there was a little too much blue around here," he said.

But that's just a prediction, he said. Obama supporters "are going to feel blue later."


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