Comments of the Day: Local Economy Turning Around?

"Priorities are housing and food. Everything else is a nice to have," wrote one Carrollwood-Northdale Patch reader.

One of our goals here at Carrollwood-Northdale Patch is to spark a conversation with our neighbors. A recent story about the local economy did just that. A few Patch readers captured their thoughts in the comments section of the article.

The article said that Hillsborough County’s unemployment rate is on the decline and officials from the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance point to that as a positive sign the area’s economy is making a comeback.

“The economy is definitely turning around here,” said Ed Peachey, the alliance’s president and chief executive officer, during the Feb. 6 Hillsborough County Commission meeting.

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Feel free to weigh in here or in the comments section of the previous article.

Here are the comments from Carrollwood-Northdale Patch readers: 

Brian Maday:

The "Local Economy" is many things to many people. Certainly, putting more people back to work is positive movement - but that's only PART of the problem....

You are ignoring HIGHER TAXES, INFLATION (been to the grocery store lately), and the very recent STALL of the stock market. This STALL is not yet even being much talked about, but it takes no genious to see that Wall Street is simply 'treading water at present.

And how about out EVER_GROWING NATIONAL DEBT? Leftists are still falling back on Bush - and granted, he kick-started over spending. That was then (over 4-years ago), what about what Imam Oduma has done to accelerate the PROBLEM in a full-term POTUS, about to destroy us further for the next 4-years?

The business Economy is not good, and those of you who put Obumer back in office need to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY.


I'd like to know how they are accounting for all the people who have exhausted their UE benefits but are still unemployed and those who never qualified for them to begin with. I think the UE rates are a lot higher than are reported and there's no correlation between those numbers and the jobs created numbers. I don't think a lot of college educated people are taking the minimum wage temp jobs that are being created. They're still hoping to get a job in their field. I think most people are being very careful with their money and not splurging assuming you have at least 1 income coming in. Priorities are housing and food. Everything else is a nice to have. If we're not spending our money, companies aren't going to hire plus they've already learned that people will do whatever they have to to keep their jobs so now companies can make bigger profits without hiring. Citizens United was the single worst thing that has happened in this country in decades. You're kidding yourself if you think companies don't run this country; they own everyone one of us and they reign supreme. The wealthy, conservatives are the ones who have done this to all of us. If you're not one of them and you still vote republican, you're part of the problem.

Charles Eldredge:

I see some improvement, but it is small and tenuous. I agree with both of the previous comments. Except I believe the 1 percent seem to have our govt ....both the republicans and democratics, as well as the media, pretty much locked up. They use them to create division. My favorite banner from the middle east protests: "Division Promotes Corruption". Until the citizens of this nation, and the world, for that matter, find a way, if there is still a way, to unite to take back our govt, nothing will really get better here. They are working to break down the strength of this nation because, otherwise, we cannot be integrated into a one world govt system. They use the gays, the hispanics, the blacks, the Christians, and many other groups for their own purposes....and they play them like a violin. They have each group separated for dissemination of information...and it's like each group lives in a different world! They have given them each a specific world view and then they manipulate and escalate that world view. It's amazing that things have gotten to ths point...and it is disturbing. My hope is that more people will see the bigger picture and find a way combat it.

What do you think about the article or what your neighbors have to say?


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