TIA Flights Canceled as Blizzard Hits Northeast

Many flights coming into and leaving Tampa International Airport are canceled due to the storm.

Carrollwood and Northdale residents with big plans for weekend travel might want to check twice before hoping in the car to head to Tampa International Airport.

A blizzard striking the northeast is to blame for a number of canceled departing flights today, Feb. 8. Many flights arriving from the northeast are also grounded, which means visitors might have a hard time making their way to the Tampa Bay area.

The storm is anticipated to dump as much as 2 feet of snow in the area from New York City to Boston, according to The Tampa Tribune, and is causing a number of flight cancellations.

To find out if your flight is delayed or canceled, just visit Tampa International’s homepage and look in the top left-hand corner. There you’ll find a search engine that will enable you to quickly scan all scheduled departing and arriving flights. It’s also a good idea to check directly with your airline for details about cancellations.

The Huffington Post offers 5 ways to change your flight during a winter storm (Read even more tips by reading the original article).

1. Plan Ahead

 Currently, the airlines have instituted flexible rebooking waivers, so don't wait until you have trouble.

2. Stay informed

If you have a flight scheduled for the next two days, go online now to check the status. 

3. Know How to Reschedule

If you're at the airport and your flight is canceled, your first instinct might be to go up to the ticket counter. Don't follow the herd. Instead, pick up the phone and call the airline, where you might get faster service.

4. Don't Forget to Book a Hotel

It's important to make preparations even if you might get on an earlier flight. If you manage to book a flight, most hotels will let you check out with a cancellation fee because there will be a waiting list for available rooms.

5. Pay attention to How You Book

When faced with rescheduling a flight in a weather emergency, remember, if possible, to opt for an airline where you have some loyalty points accrued.

Is the storm causing a change in your weekend plans?


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