Public Meetings Scheduled for Recycling of Cooking Oil

The county is hosting meetings to help residents learn new ways to dispose of the oil.

It gets thrown down the drain in the kitchen sink, or carelessly flushed down the toilet.

It's also harming the environment by clogging home plumbing systems.

In an effort to encourage residents to find new ways to dispose of cooking oil, county officials are hosting public meetings on a "neighborhood-based project to recycle residential used cooking oil," according to a news release from Hillsborough county.

"People are disposing of the oil down the drains or flushing it, and it can cause environmental issues," said county spokesman Steve Valdez. "So, we're starting a program."

The Cooking Oil Recycling Effort, or CORE, will place cooking oil collection cabinets in various parts of northwest Hillsborough county, offer residents free recycling jugs and provide locations to drop off filled containers of oil.

Public meetings will be held on Sept. 24 in the Lutz/Carrollwood area and Sept. 26 in Town N' Country about the initiative, and county representatives will attend to answer questions.

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Brian Maday September 21, 2012 at 02:53 PM
What? A public MEETING about this? If we're talking 'home use', it would seem that a simple "HOW TO..." article would do it. With all of the problems that ALL AMERICANS face at this point in time, I would assign a priority of right before 'when hell freezes over'. ARE YOU SERIOUS?


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