Hoedt Road Traffic Snarls; No Quick Fix

We asked our readers to tell us what they'd change in the community. Now we're taking those suggestions and seeing what's possible and what's not in 2013.

We recently asked our readers to tell us what they'd change about Carrollwood and Northdale in 2013. We received several answers on the website and on the Carrollwood-Northdale Patch Facebook Page.

For the next few weeks, we plan to look into some of those suggestions to see if they're possible or not.

This week we are addressing a change that P.J. Rosen wrote us about. She said: "The intersection of Hoedt/Northdale and Dale Mabry. It is a nightmare and has been forEVER!"

Here's what Hillsborough County spokesman Steve Valdez had to say about it:

Installing a turning traffic turn signal at Hoedt Road and Dale Mabry Highway isn't a quick fix. A lane must be devoted to the turn signal, under engineering standards. That means right of way acquisition, Valdez said.

"That one little green arrow could be extremely expensive," Valdez said noting the commercial properties on both sides of the street, which could experience a loss of business during construction.

However, Valdez noted that any resident having an issue or problem with public services such as roads and signage can call and report it to the county's public works customer service department at 813-635-5400.

What issue would you like to see addressed in Carrollwood or Northdale in 2013?

Nancy Stearns January 11, 2013 at 08:14 PM
Adding a turning lane and adding a little"expensive" green arrow my foot! Why is there one at Mapledale & Dale Mabry without the turning lane and having a fire station less than 100 yards away. What ever happened to making the people who pay your salary happy and much better SAFE. I resent this condescending attitude from traffic control. There is something that can be done without turn Northdale Blvd into the Indianapolis Speedway. The powers that be did not get their way even though the citizens of Northdale voted over whealmingly in favor of...I think it was Plan B but it was the least invasive and since it did not agree with management we have been turned down flat and with excuses that make no sense.. Nancy Stearns


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