Best New Carrollwood Business: Readers Answer

We asked our Facebook readers what they thought was the best business to come to Carrollwood and Northdale this year.

In 2012, several new businesses began calling Carrollwood and Northdale home. Some big, others small. We set out to ask our Facebook readers which they thought was the best business to come to the area. Here's what they had to say:

Josh Knauer wrote "Burger 21"

Golfer's Grail Indoor wrote "Golf & Tap Golfer's Grail Indoor Golf & Tap!"

Marinella Di Benedetto Kirk wrote "Whole Foods"

P.J. Rosen wrote "Whole Foods Market Carrollwood"

Katy Danskin Overton wrote "Whole Foods!!!!"

What are your thoughts? Which business were you happy to see come to Carrollwood or Northdale in 2012?


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