Automated Trash Pick Up: What People Are Saying

Hillsborough County trash collection will undergo changes in October.

This week Hillsborough County Commissioners voted to move the county's trash collection to an automated system that uses wheeled carts instead of human labor. That means in October, Carrollwood and Northdale residents will wheel their garbage and recyclables to the curb using carts provided by the county.

We asked our Facebook readers to tell us their thoughts on the change. Their opinions ran the gamut. Here's what a few had to say:

Nichole McGhee wrote: "Are we getting lazy? Can't wheel our trash to the corner? Does that mean folks will loose their jobs? Will the trash picker-uppers be automated as well?"

Lisa Rambeau Fishback wrote: "More jobs lost? I thought we were supposed to find jobs for people. Hmmm?"

Lydia Poszich Spriggs wrote: "So people loose their jobs and how much do the carts and new technology cost? Who pays for this new process? Taxpayers? Homeowners?"

Dee Castaneda-Early: "it is terrible the county will save $20 a house but at what cost. The people did not want this, 68% of the people polled said no they wanted to keep the trash men and the county said hmmm well no we are going with anyway. I am not happy I feel bad for my fellow citizens in this economy. I wonder what about when we have a lot of trash like after a holiday or a party and we have more trash then the bin will hold do we hold our trash till the next week and just make less so it will fit the bin."

So what do you think about the county's change to an automated system? Tell us in the comments.

Jackie Clark January 18, 2013 at 01:49 PM
How many will lose their jobs as a result of this change? Did our esteemed county commissioners make this change in a vacuum? I don't recall any polls or voting on this issue. What if I have too much trash for the bin ? What about oversize items? What about recycleables?
John Stanley January 19, 2013 at 02:21 AM
November was the time to worry about jobs. Not enough did and here we are and here we'll stay for four more years. Kudos for those who did!


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