Business Booms and Busts: From Pure Barre to Bella Gente

We compiled a list of business openings and closings.

In the past year, the communities of Carrollwood and Northdale have seen the economic climate both fizzle and flourish.

CJ's Bar-B-Skew, 10047 N. Dale Mabry, and Bella Gente, 10019 N. Dale Mabry, are Carrollwood's most recent business casualties.

Meanwhile, Lee Roy Selmon's restaurant and Whole Foods Market are on their way to Carrollwood and Northdale.

Carrollwood-Northdale Patch readers have expressed mixed feelings about the booms and busts of local businesses.

  • Said reader Christopher Nank about CJ's when it opened: "thank you for satisfying my curiosity about a place I've driven past dozens of times and thought, "I wonder . . . "!
  • Said reader Bill Castens about Lee Roy Selmon's coming to town: "Another great place to eat for Northdale residents!"
  • Said reader Linda A. Calebro-Kuder about Gus' Cafe closing in Northdale: "I've been eating at Gus's since the early 80's. Gus had the best Greek Salad, my family will truly miss eating at Gus's. Please re-open somewhere in Carrollwood you are the Italian Resturant of Carrollwood."

Below is a list of businesses we've written about that have opened or closed in Carrollwood since last year:

New businesses:

  • Shorti's Deli
  • Title Boxing Club
  • Genghis Grill
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Yogurtology
  • Pure Barre
  • Lee Roy Selmon's restaurant

Recently closed businesses:

  • Tilted Kilt Closes its Doors
  • Locals React to Gus' Cafe Shutting its Doors
  • Bella Gente
  • CJ's Bar-B-Skew

What businesses do you want to see come to Carrollwood or Northdale? What do you think about the recent closures? Tell us in the comments.

Camille C. Spencer September 18, 2012 at 12:57 PM
Which businesses were you sad to see leave Carrollwood?
Leah Wooten September 18, 2012 at 02:47 PM
I honestly was not surprised by any of the closings as they didn't seem to do much in the way of marketing their product to the community. I would like to see a 'normal' gym open up in the Original Carrollwood area. We have a lot of specialty exercise options but to have a small gym where you could get a good hour of cardio and strength training without feeling like you have to be a peacock would be wonderful. It also would be nice to have a restaurant option where you can get a healthy, fresh meal that you can feel good about eating when you leave versus planning on extra treadmill time to the gym (see above).
Dean S. Robinson September 18, 2012 at 05:44 PM
What you're looking for may be Planet Fitness on Gunn Highway. While not technically in The OC, Planet Fitness is a great gym if you just want to workout or maintain. Plenty of cardio and strength equipment available and open from too early to too late. It is specifically targeted to the folks who don't want to be - or be around - peacocks or Ator the Barbarian. It's not a bodybuilding gym, its a fitness gym. http://www.planetfitness.com/
Christopher Nank September 18, 2012 at 06:48 PM
I'm sad about CJ's. Kind of surprised, too -- it always seemed busy when I was in there (which, admittedly, was a total of three times!). Do we know the story on that one?
Christopher Nank September 18, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Lee Roy Selmon's is a definite upgrade over Tilted Kilt, though, imo!
Camille C. Spencer September 18, 2012 at 07:41 PM
@Christopher: No clue. I'll let you know if I find out.
Christopher Nank September 18, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Cool. Thanks, Camille! I am genuinely curious.
Sara September 19, 2012 at 05:18 PM
Is the old location of Lifestyle Fitness, now LA, not considered a normal gym? What about Shapes for women? I am a very healthy easter and find many options that meet my needs in Carrollwood. Even some not necessarily marketed as healthy, have healthy options. I am also not surprised as two of those business I never heard of and their names don't give me much of an indication what kind of biz they are. Wouldn't know of CJ's unless I saw it when drove by, never saw any marketing for this restaurant. Now granted I live a bit closer to the Lutz line and not in Carrollwood proper.
Dean S. Robinson September 24, 2012 at 04:18 PM
I agree. I think LRS will be a much better draw than TK. The closest LRS to us is on Boy Scout, so this would cut the commute and would be a welcome alternative to the now - not what it used to be - Tampa Ale House.


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