Bright Colors Influence Local Artist

Anita Adlin began painting years ago

Between the Carrollwood Cultural Center and the Life Enrichment Center, one thing is clear:

North Tampa is a community full of talented artists.

We recently talked to one named Anita Adlin, who attends classes at the LEC, about how she got interested in painting and how the community can see her work.

Patch: How did you get started as an artist?

Adlin: When I was 12 or 13, my mom signed me up for art classes for children in Atlantic City.  It sparked my interest, and I have been painting on and off through my lifetime.  I heard about The LIfe Enrichment Center through a friend who is also an artist and have been going to classes there for the past two years. 

Patch: What do you enjoy about painting?

Adlin: I especially like painting scenery as I find it very peaceful and also like still life and flowers very much as well.  I love the impressionist painters and I find lovely pictures on greeting cards that I have received through the years. 

Patch: What are your other interests?

Adlin: As far as my life goes, I have other interests besides painting, and wish I had more time to devote to it, but I also love plants and reading and walking and enjoying nature all around me. 

Patch: What do you think your artwork says about you?

Adlin:   I am not sure what my artwork says about me.  The paintings I have done are mostly scenery, flowers and still life, my favorite subjects to paint.  I also love pleasing bright colors that make me feel good and are pleasant to look at.

Patch: How can the community see your work?

Adlin: My work does not appear in a gallery or studio.  I did have a picture in the Florida State Fair for the past two years and I had a couple of paintings at Aston Gardens when we  had a show there a year ago.  Our Life Enrichment Center is planning to have a show on October 20, "Art Under The Trees," and I hope to have some of my work shown then.        


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