Aaron Carter Discusses Growing Up as a Star in Carrollwood Area

Carter talked about the odd ways fans would try and catch a glimpse of him at his home.

Aaron Carter is a household name when it comes to the pop music and the hip-hop scene of the late 90's and early 2000's. He also started in season 9 of the ABC television show Dancing With The Stars. 

Aaron Carter's ties to Tampa are numerous. He and his twin-sister Angel were born in 1987 at Tampa General Hospital and Aaron attended Miles Elementary School in the Forest Hills area, according to many online biographies. 

Appearing on HuffPost Live, Aaron began his appearence by talking about growing up in Tampa and the Carrollwood area. "The fans knew where we lived," he said. "They would get on boats and kayaks and hang out where we lived."

Carter said that Tampa "had its good days" and he was happy because "all of my family lived there."

One thing that Carter always said seemed odd was that there were "25-30 girls hanging outside (of the house) every day." That may seem pretty cool to some guys, but Carter said it was strange because he "was like 6" years old.



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