UFO Sighted in Carrollwood Area?

There have been dozens of sightings reported by Tampa Bay area residents in the past few years, according to the UFO Stalker website.

We are not alone.

At least, that’s the contention of dozens of Tampa Bay residents who have reported sightings of unusual lights, flying objects and even alien encounters over the past few years via the UFO Stalker website. UFO Stalker is “a real time UFO tracking system,” according to its website. “It gives an immediate view into worldwide UFO activity both past and present.”

Visitors to the site can check out activity reports across the globe and right in their own neighborhoods. Those who witness unexplained activity can also log their sightings on UFO Stalker.

So, how common are UFO sightings in the Tampa Bay area?

According to the website, there are dozens of sightings in the region each year.

Back in January, for example, "a long thin whitish object moving extremely slow across the sky" was spotted off Hanley Road. In February, there was a report of an unexplained sighting in the Lake Magdalene area. A “black triangle” was sighted in Odessa in 2011. An “entity encounter” was logged in 2011 in Tampa.

The most recent Bay area sightings were logged in May and June. A Wesley Chapel resident reported seeing “5 orbs come into view slowly,” according to the website.

In May, a Palm Harbor resident reported seeing “3 fire looking objects in (the) sky.”

Want to check out all the Bay area sightings? Just visit UFO Stalker online.

So, what do you think Carrollwood and Northdale? Are we not alone? Have you ever had a close encounter? Tell us by commenting below!


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